Since I am traveling without my laptop, I will be giving you much shortened reflections, as time permits.  



There is no error in the selection; verse 7 ends in mid-sentence.  I suggest crossing out the sentence fragment, or looking up verse 8 for the rest of the sentence.

Proverbs is a book of wisdom.  What we have in Verses 6-7a is a wise saying.  This is the gist of what Jesus will teach us in the gospel lesson, so let’s move on and summarize this with the gospel.



These are the author’s concluding remarks.  They offer a wealth of advice for daily living. This is as applicable for us today as they were when first written.

LUKE 14: 1, 7-14


Jesus is at a dinner party where he notices some curious selfish behavior.  I believe this might have reminded him of today’s proverb.  He elaborates on the proverb, and what he says makes good sense.

He goes on to give some advice to the host of the party.  I’m not sure that this set very well with that host, But it is good advice for us to consider.  I’m not sure that we should be taking Jesus’ advice to earn heavenly brownie points.  But God the Father and Son are intensely interested in having us care for the disadvantaged.  How many times have I harped on this subject?  How many times have They harped on this subject? In the USA and locally, one in five children go hungry.  What are we doing about this?