WELCA is an easy way to say Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. So, that’s us - women from Holy Communion Lutheran Church. We’re a small part of a large community of women. We affirmed at our meeting that we want to use this name and start learning about the regional and national organization of WELCA. Look at womenoftheelca.org to see more about this larger community. When you see WELCA here at church, know that HCLC women are an active part of our church. Dorothy Bird will help by contacting regional and state-wide WELCA groups for information.

Surveys, Women’s Circle, Sunday School

We’re trying to reorganize and getting your input is the first step. We want to update our contact information, too. Look for the purple sheets in the narthex.

According to the surveys that have been collected, there is interest in starting a women’s circle and Sunday school class with Women of the Bible as a topic. Karen Harris will help to organize these. Please consider your interests and talents since we’re looking for leaders/teachers/facilitators for these.

Exciting Update: Starting August 15, 9:00 am, there will be an adult Sunday School class meeting in the old kitchen, that will use the nine week study  “Stories of Biblical Women,” and be open to everyone. 


Rose England said she would be a contact person for the Pastor regarding meals for funerals, births, and hospital stays. Many people have expressed willingness to help with food. Karen will get information to Rose from surveys with contact information for those who will cook/provide food. 

Progressive Dinner celebrating Epiphany, planning stages

 This is a developing idea for us to organize a church-wide progressive dinner on Saturday, January 9, 2022, which would center on Epiphany and be inspired by the Star of Bethlehem. Suggestions include doing it in different areas of the church, starting earlier in the day to reflect dark nights during Daylight Savings time, and asking our men’s group to do one course of our meal.

Next Meeting, Ice Cream Social, Sunday, August 22, 4:00 pm

We have another planning session. Bring your ideas. Then, bring your favorite toppings to share and enjoy on top of some homemade ice cream and fellowship.  We’ll highlight the school supply collection headed by Janice Stevenson. Planning meeting at 4:00 pm, others welcome to share fellowship and ice cream afterwards.

Peace Garden, Ann’s roses

DeLaine and Blaine and Jan have been weeding, planting, trimming and generally making the Peace Garden better. Mulch is planned, too. Karen is getting a quote for painting the cross and looking at engraved bricks to replace the tile. Beth (Tuesdays) and Dorothy (Thursdays) will help DeLaine (Sundays) water the roses honoring Ann.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!

August 22, 4:00 pm  WELCA Ice Cream Social and Planning Meeting

September 11           Church-wide Yard Sale 

     Charlene Bingner, Dorothy Bird    contact people

September 12          Church-wide, God’s Work, Our Hands

October 16               Church-wide, Craft Fair 

     Charlene Bingner     contact person

January 9                  Progressive Dinner for Epiphany

Help Wanted, Collections

Please talk to Rose England if you are interested in helping with the Soup Kitchen.

Peanut Butter for Total Ministries

Grocery bags and small boxes for yard sale.

Luther World Relief School Kits - contact person Jan Stevenson - * 70 page spiral notebooks, 12” rulers, 2.5” pink eraser, *blunt tip scissors, box of 24 crayons, *pencil sharpener, ball point pens, unsharpened #2 pencils      *most needed items